Gender pay gap on increase despite press for change

The latest official National statistics survey on pay (Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings - ASHE) has shown an increase in the Gender pay gap for women working part time and full time. This is despite a huge national drive in the last decade to address the issue.

The ASHE figures show that the full-time gender pay gap has increased from 17% to 17.1%.  In addition the part-time pay gap has increase from 35.8% to 36.8%. The increase is disappointing in times were equality has found itself higher on the agenda of companies and organisations.

Responding to the news the Commission for Equality and Human Rights has called for more employers to participate in Equal Pay reviews. A recent survey conducted by the body shows evidence that companies that participate in such schemes perform better in addressing pay gaps.

Women’s equality campaigning body The Fawcett society are calling for more drastic action telling the government to make ‘bold’ changes in the forthcoming Single Equality Bill. They are suggesting mandatory pay audits should be introduced in the bill as a last measure to finally close the gap.

Commenting on the gender pay gap figures Katherine Rake, Director of the Fawcett Society, said:

“The voluntary approach is clearly not working – the time has come to require by law that organisations review their pay structures and address any discrimination.”

The TUC’s Brendan Barber showed similar support for a change in policy commenting

'The link between fair pay and checking pay systems is clear. The case for mandatory pay audits is stronger than ever.'


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