Gender equality at Board level across Europe remains “glacially slow”

The European Professionals Women Network report that progress on gender equality within Western Europe over the past four years “

remains glacially slow “

The top 300 European companies now have 9.7% representation of women on their board, up from 8% in 2006.

And the pace of change recorded would have been even slower had it not been for Norway’s contribution. Quota legislation introduced by the Norwegian government to address gender inequality resulted in 44.2 of women representing board rooms in the country. Taking the Norwegian contribution to the study out of the equation means that progress has been at 0.5% per year.

Scandinavian countries lead the way when it comes to gender equality in the boardroom Sweden posted 26.9%, up from 22.8% in 2006, whereas Finland and Denmark recorded 25.7% and 18.1% respectively (up from 20% and 17.9%).

The report shows that the UK at 11.5% seems to have reached a standstill since the percentage has hardly moved since two years ago (11.4%) after an initial encouraging growth rate of 1.4 percentage points from 10% in 2004. Growth in France is below average, resulting in 7.6% women on boards from 7.3% in 2006. Germany recorded an average growth of women on boards, from 7.2% in 2006 to 7.8%.

The report also reveals that Companies score better on international diversity than gender diversity 23.5% of board members are of a different nationality than that of the company’s headquarters (up from 22.6% in 2006). For women the proportion of internationals is even higher, reaching 24.8% in 2008

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