Former ETF Chair Calls for Tougher Action on Diversity and Equality

David Hughes, who was once chair of the ETF (Education and Training Foundation) has expressed concern about how much action is being taken to further equality and diversity within the new organisation. Mr Hughes chaired a recent live debate at a pop-up equalities consultation and indicated that he felt that more groups who were looking for work from the Foundation may require help with commissioning in order to achieve the best results.

Mr Hughes is the chief executive of the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (NIACE.). Both organisations jointly sponsored a recent tour to raise awareness about equality. Mr Hughes spoke out about the EFT and argued that some organisations need more space in order to win contracts and to increase diversity. His comments were welcomed by Kathryn James, the ETF Team Leader for leadership governance and management. Also part of the panel, she commented that Mr Hughes and other board members who vocalised their opinions about equality and diversity made a positive impact for change, and helped the issue to rise further up on the agenda and to prevent complacency from setting in.

She described the pop-up tour as “enlightening” and recognised the importance of making sure future decisions made about procuring work, recruiting staff and creating agendas take into account equality and diversity and ensuring that this is taken seriously throughout the sector. 


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