Forced to choose between baby and job

A female employee who was given the choice by her employer to either keep her baby or her job will now receive up to £50’000.

Angela Hildreth, 26 , was allegedly told by her employer, after informing them that she was pregnant, that she would not be able to keep her job if she gave birth, the Daily Mail reported.

She claimed that her boss told her, "I don't think that if you keep this baby we can keep you. It's a young business and we have to put that first."

She said that the managing director at the bar that she worked at verbally abused and intimidated her and also had her wages docked.

Hildreth, who eventually gave birth to Cameron, now 5 months, has won against her employers in an employment tribunal.

"They have tried to portray me as a liar, an actress and an opportunist but the judgment speaks for itself," she told the Daily Mail. "They made my life a misery while I worked for them and long after I resigned."

"It was a very stressful, nerve-wracking experience, at a time when I was at my most vulnerable," she added.

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