Flexible working for carers - the law explained

* A total of around around 2.65 million carers are entitled to request flexible working.

* The Work and Families Act 2006 gave carers the right to request flexible working and the act came into force in April 2007. The law provides employees with the right to request a flexible working pattern if they:
*care, or expect to be caring, for an adult who is a spouse, partner, civil partner or relative; or who although not related to them, lives at the same address

The right to request flexible working was introduced in 2003 for parents of children aged six and under, and parents of disabled children aged up to 18. The right to request flexible working was extended to parents of children aged 16 and under in April 2009.

* Under the law employers must seriously consider all applications made, and only reject it if there is a good business reasons for doing so.
* This does not give employees the right to work flexibly - just the right to ask.
* Flexible working is any working pattern that is adapted for the benefit of the individual and that also suits their employer. Examples include: part-time, flexi-time, compressed hours, staggered hours, job sharing, and working from home.

A step by step guide on how to request flexible working:

* Write a letter or fill in an application form. Your employer may provide you with one or you can get one from http://www.direct.gov.uk
* Your employer should arrange a meeting with you within 28 days to discuss your application
* Within 14 days you should receive your employer's decision in writing
* If your request is accepted you will need to meet with your employer to agree your new working pattern
* If your request is rejected you may appeal in writing


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