First successful age discrimination case for being too young

A 20 year old from Surrey has become the first person to win an age discrimination claim in an Employment Tribunal on the grounds that she was too young.
Megan Thomas claimed she was dismissed from her job as a membership secretary in a private members club in the City of London - because managers told her she was not old enough to deal with their members. The Tribunal upheld her claim that she had been unfairly dismissed and discriminated against on the basis of her age.

Ms Thomas told reporters:

“I was upset to lose my job, I had never lost a job before. It was humiliating especially because I was told I was too young and if they had met me a few years later there may not have been a problem

Thomas’s solicitor, Lawrence Davies, commented:

“This is the first time that the courts have said age discrimination adversely affects the young and young-looking as well as the old. We hope that more young workers exercise their employment rights.”

The club’s owner denied that they had discriminated against Ms Thomas and that many people of her age were employed in the club. He said that they had ended her employment at the end of her 6 month probationary period, not because she was too young

Commenting on the Tribunal ruling that Megan Thomas had been treated unlawfully because at 20 she was considered too young for a role as a membership secretary in a private members club in the City of London, Keith Frost, a spokesperson for TAEN – the Age and Employment Network, said:

“This is an important ruling because too many young people – and employers – are unaware that the Age Discrimination Regulations apply to young, as well as older people. Most of the focus has tended to be on the other end of the age spectrumi young or older people.”

Article provided The Age and Employment Network (TAEN)

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