First national survey on Diversity Practitioners set to provide unique insight

DiversityLink the UK’s leading independent sector news portal for Equality and Diversity Practitioners has decided to “put the cat amongst the pigeons” by rolling out its first survey of practitioners. We want to ensure that Britain’s champions of fairness have their voices heard ahead of some interesting twists and turns in the equality outlook.

Since the advent of the Race Equality Duty at the turn of the century, and the subsequent public sector duties that followed an army of Equality and Diversity practitioners emerged into our workforces. Simultaneously demand for such practitioners grew in private sector as the long awaited business case for diversity finally reached widespread realisation.  However nobody ever promised that these would be jobs for life.
Equality and Diversity work is by no means a recognised area of work in the mainstream. Indeed the path of Diversity practitioner has been a lonely one so far. Many of the public at large know very little about what Diversity and Equality Managers actually do, in many cases co-workers can find themselves in the same boat! Only last year an official body for the profession was formed.
Today we estimate that there are over 10’000 professionals who’s day to day work involves aspects of Diversity and Equality. But the bubble could be set to burst? The work of Equality and Diversity practitioners is very much intangible, will it be perceived as is important as securing front line services within the NHS, Police and Education. Will the Single Equality Act create another era of integration work that will get practitioners through the recession? And let’s not forget the significance of changes in the political landscape. It appears the careers of practitioners may be hanging on a fine balance.
So we thought what a great time to do a survey! We aim to publish the results of our short survey that was emailed to 1200 practitioners later this week.  Early trends look very interesting and we anticipate some juicy insight into your collective outlook.
The survey will close Tuesday 27th April 2010, if you would like to take part please click the link below. All responses will be published anonymously unless you clearly state you wish to be quoted.
Link to survey - http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e2v54c6jg8buc0yn/start
Posted by Asif Yusuf



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