FiliA Conference set to take Central London by storm

October 14th - 15th will see the largest Feminist Conference in the UK take place in London. The conference is open to anyone who wants to attend, and will be held in the Institute of Education in Central London.

Women-run and women-led, FiliA focuses on promoting equality and diversity, the promotion of women’s human rights, and the arts. The aim of the conference is to address a wide range of issues ranging from feminist history, to women’s rights.

FiliA is a charitable organisation, which highlights the diversity of feminist thought and interest in feminism. FiliA means ‘daughter’, and this reflects the intention to steadfastly continue the work ethic of fore-mothers in creating a world that is a better place for mothers and daughters.

The aims of FiliA

Support solidarity: they will work to support solidarity with women and girls throughout the world, in a joint effort for economic, political, and social liberation. They will strengthen the Women’s Liberation Movement, and work tirelessly to understand and reduce patriarchy in any form.

Human Rights: The aim of FiliA is to promote human rights, and in particular Womens’ rights throughout the world.

Equality and Diversity: they will work towards promoting equality and diversity between women and men, and to eliminate gender discrimination. There will be an annual conference on Gender equality which FiliA will run.

The arts: FiliA will work towards promoting art for the public, and particularly to promote the art of women who may have been socially excluded. They will provide an art exhibition at the annual conference, along with other events through the year.

The 2017 Conference: this is a feminist conference which is open to all women, including disabilities, women of colour, LGBT, young and old, lower, or higher incomes, women with or without children.

FiliA believes when only the most privileged women in society advance, then male denomination and sexism is not yet over. Feminism needs to include all women, or it cannot be called feminism. The conference plans to focus on what women can achieve together.

The conference format will be much the same each year, with an opening panel discussion. Breakaway sessions will then take place throughout the day.

The conference will have a film room, a ‘soft space’ for women who simply want a quiet place, and a free creche with workshops for children.

The highlight of the conference will be the art exhibition. The conference has, in the past years, concluded with the presentation of the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize, and this will continue for this and future conferences.


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