Fawcett Society urge MPs to Support Lap dance club licensing reforms

Leading womens rights campaigners the Fawcett Society have urged MPs to suport the 10 Minute Rule Bill being introduced today. The bill is calling for lapdance clubs to be licensed as Sex Encounter Establishments.

Under the 2003 Licensing Act lapdance clubs are licensed in the same way as any ordinary pub or karaoke night – with a Premises License. The Fawcett society believe that lapdance clubs normalise the sexual objectification of women and are counter to efforts to promote gender equality. Futhermore areas surrounding lapdance clubs can become ‘no-go’ areas for women

Dr Katherine Rake, Director of the Fawcett Society, said:

“Current licensing of lapdance clubs is woefully inadequate. Lapdance clubs are counter to efforts to promote gender equality. They make it normal to treat women as sex objects and are degrading to all women. The 2003 Licensing Act ties the hands of local authorities and prevents them fulfilling their responsibilities under the Gender Equality Duty.

“There is a very simple solution. The Government should utilise existing legislation and license lapdance clubs as Sex Encounter Establishments. This would give power back to local authorities and local communities so that they can make the decisions about lapdance clubs in their areas.

“Roberta Blackman-Woods’ 10 Minute Rule Bill is an important first step in driving forward reforms to lapdance clubs licensing. We urge all MPs to support the Bill and give local communities a voice.”

The campaigning body is hoping for a positive outcome in todays voting


Posted by Asif Yusuf

Publisher of Diversity Link



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