Fawcett Society launch election campaign

A few weeks ago i called the Fawcett Society’s press team to see if they had a reaction to the mad media frenzy surrounding the EU’s proposed extension of maternity rights. The call was picked up by a lackadaisical employee explaining that the communications team were working on something much bigger and to my surprise had no comment on that issue.
She was right, today marks a massive initiative by the Fawcett Society to bring women’s equality to the centre of the election debate. The campaign “What about Women” will bring together a coalition of over 40 organisations and many thousands of voters calling on all the political parties to answer some key questions on how their policies will impact on women’s equality.
The web campaign pages went live on Sunday following Fawcett's Chief Exec Ceri Goddard appearance on the Politics Show. It’s widely thought that the next election will be won by the female vote explaining why all the main parties have been courting the “women’s vote”. Moves such as appearances by the three political leaders appearing on www.mums.net demonstrate how seriously the big three parties are viewing the female vote.
The Fawcett Society want to ensure more than ever that the issues affecting women are not dodged by the main three parties, and that their answers are heard before votes are made in the next election. The key questions will focus on the following areas:-

•    The Economy – Tax and Spending
•    Work and Family Life
•    Crime and Justice
•    Democracy and Political Reform
•    Attitudes, Media Culture
•    Equality and Human Rights
Visitors to the Fawcett Society’s website will be able to submit direct comments to the political party’s responses on the issues above. The debate will be further epitomised by first ever women only BBC Question Time (Thurs 11 March at 10.35 on BBC One) later this week.

The official campaign launch will take place Monday 8th March St John’s Gate, London at 3.15pm
For more information about the campaign visit:-
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