Fawcett publishes new collection of essays on race and gender

Article published by Fawcett Society

The UK's leading women's rights campaign group has launched a ground-breaking collection of essays on the needs of ethnic minority women called 'Seeing Double: race and gender in ethnic minority women's lives'.

Edited by zohra moosa, Senior Policy Officer Race & Gender at Fawcett, the collection includes an exclusive interview with Dawn Butler MP on her experiences as one of only two black women MPs in Parliament.

The collection also includes contributions from Hannana Siddiqui, Joint Coordinator of Southall Black Sisters, Linda Bellos, founder of Black History Month in the UK and Professor Heidi Safia Mirza, Director of the Centre for Rights, Equalities and Social Justice at the Institute of Education.

Baroness Amos, former Leader of the House of Lords and the first black woman in Cabinet, provides the foreword.

zohra moosa said:

"Dawn's extraordinary experiences in Parliament are just one example of the double disadvantage that ethnic minority women face. Stereotypes based on race coupled with outdated gender norms are combining to produce new forms of constraint and discrimination for black women in society. From the way violence against ethnic minority women is discussed to the assumptions that are made about their career ambitions, it is clear that policy makers do not understand how race and gender intersect in ethnic minority women's lives."

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