Fawcett launch “femocracy” to challenge Political exclusion of ethnic minority women

Today the Fawcett Society have launched a new campaign, femocracy, to tackle the political disengagement of ethnic minority women. Ninety years on since women in the UK first won the vote, ethnic minority women remain one of the most excluded groups from formal political and decision making processes.
Fawcett’s new campaign will work with over 1500 ethnic minority women through a series of nation-wide events aimed at building women’s confidence to participate in politics and encouraging them to vote.

Commenting on the new campaign, Director of Fawcett Society Dr Katherine Rake said: The fact that over a third of women in London have yet to decide how to vote on 1st May shows that all the candidates have ground to make up if they are to engage women fully in the forthcoming London elections.
The Fawcett Society has long lead a campaign to engage women in politics. Today, we add to this body of work with our new project femocracy which will work directly with ethnic minority women to ensure they are engaged in the political process as voters. The severe underrepresentation of ethnic minority women in British politics, coupled with low voter registration rates amongst some ethnic minority groups, means ethnic minority women are not being seen or heard politically. This situation must change.

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