Failure to provide part time work options can be sexual discrimination

A City worker has settled out of court with her employers after they refused to let her work part-time following maternity leave.

Janine Funsch had been working as an account manager for a financial services provider and took the decision to sue under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, claiming the lack of part-time opportunities had a disproportionate effect on women, reports the Telegraph.

After a one day hearing at the Central London Employment Tribunal, both sides reached a settlement which is believed to be a six figure sum, the newspaper reports.

Ms Funsch's lawyers said at the start of the case: "Companies need to have a good reason in law if they do not offer part-time posts.

"Failure to do this discriminates against women because they are primarily responsible for child care and they, at times, need this option.

Children's minister Beverly Hughes recently asserted in a book for the Institute of Public Policy research that all workers should have the right to flexible working to secure an acceptable work-life balance.

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