Equality Organisation and local court found guilty of discrimination

In the case of Bury Metro Racial Equality Council & Ors v Lyle, A Diversity Officer has successfully brought a discrimination claim against her employers a Racial Equality council. The defendant successfully argued that her employer had failed to make reasonable adjustments to allow the defendant access to the premises and return to work following an injury.

Astonishingly the previous Diversity Manager had also brought a discrimination claim against the authority. In another access case a mother successfully sued a local court for not being able to attend her sons hearing due to poor facilities at Salisbury Guildhall Magistrates Court in 2006.  A Magistrates court concluded that an alternative court should and could have been used.

Both cases highlight the need to explore all reasonable possibilities when looking at access challenges in the workplace, or for the provision of services. It’s certainly ironic that an equality organisation and a local court were found guilty of the breaches.

Rest assured Diversity Link will not been be posting any Diversity Officer jobs from Bury Metro Racial Equality Council.


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