Equality Human Rights Commission Facing Catastrophic Cuts

Slamming the Equalities watchdog for squandering public money, the Coalition government are going to strip a further 60% the Equality Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) funding. Having already received a 7 million pound chop already from its 60 Million pound annual grant to 53 Million, this will come as a major blow.

The cuts are likely to hit the organisation on the bone, currently employing 460 staff and funding a number of equalities projects. Charities that rely on the organisation’s annual 6 million pound grants are now at a serious risk of going under.
How can the Coalition justify such severe cuts and blame the leadership and running of the organisation as the reason. Will the Home Office, NHS and the BBC have its funding cut by 60% because it’s squandering public money? Anyone can see the EHRC is not the best run organisation in the country, but to use that as a reason to practically close it down does not sound genuine. This move is more a statement of how progressive the current incumbents really are.
An interesting weekend for Equalities and Diversity Agenda, the Prime Minister demonstrating his lack of understanding on community cohesion, a number of equalities charities facing severe cuts and the central organism for equalities slammed for ineffectiveness condemned to becoming more ineffective. I think we now know where the Coalition really stands on a “fair and equal society for all”, action speaks louder than words.
Posted by
Asif Yusuf


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