Equality and Human Rights Commission announce new team of Commissioners

Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Equality, has publically announced the appointment of new Commissioners for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  The appointees were chosen from a total of more than 600 applicants. The new EHRC Commissioners are expected to commit to a minimum of 20 and maximum of 30 days per year, at a daily attendance rate of £500.

A summer of resignations and accusations of intimidation from previous commissioners have not deterred some of Britain’s brightest equality champions from joining the super quango. The New Commissioners can expect to look forward to challenging times according to their current chair.  Speaking too the BBC Trevor Phillips explained that "arguments" and "passions" were part of the EHRC's role as it was dealing with difficult issues.

The statutory body continues its pursuit of a Chief Executive following the resignation of Nicola Brewer earlier this year. Embarrassingly they had to withdraw the post from the market after advertising the role for a wopping range  of £160,000-£185,000. The post is now expected to relisted at a lower salary scale in the near future.

Having cleared the decks and only two surviving commissioners successfully clinging on with their finger nails from the old regime all eyes will now remain firmly on the organisations loveable rogue, Sir Trevor Phillips. Without any doubt any more resignations, clangers or major controversies and the current chair will be forced to leave before you can say “Equate”.

A summary The Appointees are as follows:-

* Stephen Alambritis

* Ann Beynon OBE (Wales Commissioner)

* Professor Geraldine Van Bueren

* Kay Carberry CBE

(appointed for another three year term)

* Meral Hussein Ece OBE

* Baroness Sally Greengross

(appointed for another three year term)

* Dr Jean Irvine OBE

* Angela Mason

* Michael Smith

* Simon Woolley

They will join existing Commissioners

Trevor Phillips


Baroness Margaret Prosser

(Deputy Chair),

Morag Alexander

(Scotland Commissioner),

Maeve Sherlock

, and

Joel Edwards

to further strengthen each of the equality strands as follows:


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