Employee requests to work from home rarely agreed too.

Source:- KPMG News 27th May 2008

According to the latest quarterly CIPD/KPMG Labour Market Outlook (LMO) survey two thirds of employees rarely say yes to employee’s requests to work from home. The survey also finds that the majority of employers believe home-working makes no difference to productivity.

The report has concluded that the home working revolution is yet to take place. This is despite a quarter of employers saying that home working will increase in their organisations next year.

Gerwyn Davies, Policy Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, commented:

“Employers should be more accommodating about accepting requests to work from home, rather than fostering a culture of presenteeism. The allure of home-working for employees is becoming greater given the stress and rising costs associated with commuting. We also know that employees, particularly younger workers, are increasingly looking to work for organisations with strong green credentials – which can be enhanced by using home-working to discourage unnecessary travel. Employers and line managers should therefore have more confidence in their staff, policies and in their own management capability to ensure that they recruit, retain and make the best use of the talent they have.”

Dave Conder, Head of HR at KPMG, said:

“In KPMG’s experience, offering home-working can be a great motivator for people. It can also put a company in a stronger position when competing to recruit and retain talented people. Flexible working can help improve the productivity, morale and wellbeing of employees.”

Click here for the KPMG press release and key findings from the report:

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