EHRC Launches Project to Boost Diversity in UK Television

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) announced recently that it will start a project to help boost diversity in UK’s television.

EHRC’s project is a response to the last Creative Skillset Employment Cencusdata, which states that representation of black and ethnic minority (BAME) in British TV has decreased. The report says TV workers with BAME background accounted for 30.9% of the total workforce in the TV industry in 2006, but the number fell to only 5.4% in 2012.

Black ethnic groups also feel they are being underrepresented in most TV shows in the UK. Ofcom, UK’s communications regulator, said in a recent report that about 50% of individuals from UK’s black ethnic groups say they are underrepresented and portrayed negatively in TV.

EHRC’s new TV diversity project is backed with government funding and is supported by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). EHRC will also work side by side with Creative Diversity Network, Ofcom, independent production companies, broadcasters, representatives of TV industry’s workers and trade unions.

As of this time, EHRC is working to create a guidance on the project that is going to be unveiled in a special session in 2015’s Edinburgh International Television Festival. 

Minister of State for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries Ed Vaizey told The Voice in a June 30 article that the project welcome initiative and is a timely response towards improving UK’s television diversity.

Vaizey also added: “I want to see progress here, not just in on screen diversity but also in recruitment to jobs behind the camera and in senior and professional roles in the industry.”


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