DiversityLnk Equality and Diversity Forum goes live

We are proud to announce the launch of a new interactive diversity and equality forum. Following the migration to a new and improved platform we felt it necessary to create an interactive area of the site to improve your experience of us. Please click the forum button on our menu to view.

This will be the first interactive forum open to all practitioners regardless of your industry in the Equality Diversity field. Finally a place on the web with the ability to talk to your peers about the day to day challenges of the loneliest profession in the world. Well for some of you!
To spice things up we are giving away an ipod Classic for the best forum contribution before March 31st 2010.  The best post will judged be the editorial team and their decision is final. The criterion is wide open you could start a big discussion or point to a key resource and find you have won. Most importantly you will be sharing information with your community of practitioners that may be useful.
To start things of we are also incentivising our first three posts. If you really want money for nothing during these difficult times why not go for our second give away? Of the first three posts on the forum we will award the best £25 worth of Amazon vouchers. Once again the editorial team’s decision is final.
We welcome your continued feedback and involvement in the site, if you have any comment or suggestions please get in touch. We would also welcome contributions of an editorial nature which are news worthy and of possible interest to equality and diversity practitioners.
Happy posting!


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