Diversity Practitioners Bearing Brunt of Cuts Diversity Institute Claims

It appears things are pretty tough out there for Diversity Practitioners, so much so that the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners have questioned whether there will be any paid work when the Equality Act comes into force. The representative organisation for Diversity Practitioners claim that it has been contacted by members who have lost their jobs, are in fear of being made redundant or are private consultants that are struggling to survive.

Indeed DiversityLink has observed a sharp drop in the number of Diversity roles advertised within the market place. The decline in demand for employed diversity positions is as high as an alarming 80%. There has also been dramatic drop in the number of public sector tenders, stripping down the amount of work available to private practitioners and contractors.
The news will be alarming for many as it was widely thought the advent of the Equality Act coming into force would create more work for practitioners. With the spending review yet to be announced on the 20th October, the worst could be yet to come.
Linda Bellos chair of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners has vowed to ensure the case for diversity is not ignored by those holding the purse strings, commenting on a discussion around the current market place challenges she said:
"When you can show the waste and loss from ignoring some sections of society, when you can put a cost on it, even the most reactionary listen. I for one will continue to take the business case forward whilst also ensuring that we as practitioners are equipped to deliver meaningful change."


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