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Government does not take older people
seriously, research finds

Help the aged have blasted the government over what it believes is inaction over age discrimination. They have pointed to research that shows 74% of people believe the government is not responding to their needs. As part of its Just Equal Treatment campaign, the charity wants the forthcoming Equality Bill to include proposals for legislation against age discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services - including health and social care services.

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Independent Transport: The key to independent living

Transport Minister Rosie Winterton was in York this week to look at the involvement of disabled people in the Government's Independent Living Strategy
In 2006, the DfT announced £370 million to improve access to railway stations and this year has announced that a further 40 stations and 223 small schemes will benefit from this funding. This is in addition to the extended concessionary fares scheme, which was introduced on 1 April. Following DfT funding of £212 million, up to 11 million elderly and disabled people can now travel anywhere in England for free by bus.

The Independent Living Strategy was developed in response to the Independent Living Review, which was launched in July 2006 and aimed to find imaginative ways of supporting independent living for disabled people; it was a cross-government project led by the Office for Disability Issues.

The involvement of disabled people, from all parts of the country, of all ages, backgrounds and experiences will be critical to delivering the vision of independent living.

The Independent Living Strategy can be viewed online at: http://www.officefordisability.gov.uk/working/independentlivingstrategy.asp

Under-paid, under-protected, under-valued and unhappy - agency workers in the UK

Agency workers are paid significantly less and have much lower levels of job quality than directly employed staff according to a new report.

The study, entitled ‘Agency Working in the UK: What do we Know?’ has been conducted by academics at the Universities of Leeds, Bradford and Kent.

The report ‘Agency Working in the UK: What do we Know?’ by Chris Forde, Gary Slater and Francis Green is published by the Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change, at Leeds University Business School. Further details and a free electronic download are available at:


Irr research front page exampleInstitute of Race Relations to discuss findings of Research into integration

The IRR on the 14th  May, will meet BME activists, educationalists and professionals working within Muslim communities and on integration issues from five European countries to publicly discuss the findings of the Institute of Race Relations' pan-European research project into Integration, Islamophobia and civil rights in Europe.


Liz Fekete, the report's author said: 'The clash in Europe is not between civilisations but between those (of whatever ethnic or religious persuasion) who accept or do not accept a civil rights framework for discussing integration.'

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