Diversity in the Police force They still dont get it

An independent review of the Police forces progress since the Stephen Lawrence enquiry has concluded police forces in England and Wales are still institutionally racist. The review entitled 'The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 10 Years On' is due to be published later this month by equality charity The Runnymede Trust.

One of the three men that had chaired the original Stephen Lawrence Enquiry, Dr Richard Stone chaired the review issued by the Trust. Dr Stone called the findings “dispiriting” adding that lack of progress would lead to further repercussions. Of the findings, specific failings highlighted by the report are as follows:-

- Black and multi-ethnic officers were more likely to be dismissed than white colleagues.

- A disproportionate amount of black and multi-ethnic officers left their police careers early.

- Despite the number of BAME recruits doubling since the original report from 2% – 4% , this was way short of the representative target of 7%.

Rob Berkeley, director of the Runnymede Trust commented: "I think it can be said that the police are still institutionally racist. There's lots of controversy about the term, but if they were in 1999 they still are in 2009."

The preliminary findings of the report have received widespread media coverage across national print, online and broadcast media.


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