Construction Industry Diversity Forum Launched by EHRC


Following it’s official investigation of race discrimination into the construction industry, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has come up with it’s plan of action to improve equality outcomes in the recession battered sector. They have published a detailed action plan of which a key recommendation is to launch a Construction Leadership Diversity Forum.
According to the Labour Force Survey 2008, only 3.3% of those in the Construction Industry workforce are from ethnic minorities, compared to 8% of the workforce as a whole. The official enquiry which made a call for evidence a year ago found that a negative image of the industry and poor recruitment practices made a significant contribution to low numbers of ethnic minorities entering the sector.
As well as launch of the forum, key recommendations from the action plan include:-
·         Linking with government initiatives such as Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme to promote wider procurement opportunities.
·         Better monitoring of data to identify areas of disproportionate impact, as well as improving the understanding of diversity monitoring within the industry.
·         Mentoring ethnic minority business in an effort to build their procurement capacities.
The EHRC say the senior level industry forum will be launched in summer 2010. It will focus on leadership and governance, procurement, employment and skills, as well as co-ordinating work and monitoring progress. .
Simon Woolley, lead Commissioner on race for the Equality and Human Rights Commission comments:
“The Commission's inquiry brought gender and racial issues into focus - we have been encouraged by the response from the construction industry and hope that this translates into fundamental change. The Construction Leadership Diversity Forum is an important business led initiative that will help the industry find solutions to long standing and persistent problems that have affected far too many. I strongly believe, with the present goodwill on all sides, that together we can make progress. I will be interested to see the progress made as part of this work programme.”
The full action plan can be viewed at this link below
Construction industry action plan


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