Coalition Commit To Equality Act Timetable

Equalities Minister Theresa May has finally confirmed in a government issued press release that the Equality Act will become law in October as originally scheduled.  Ramblings of the Equality Act being thrown into the bonfire by the newly formed Coalition government with other “nanny state” legislative initiatives now appear to be false.

Coming into power the new Coalition promised a major repeal of unnecessary laws which had far too often been created needlessly to appease public opinion. Rumours of the Equality Act being repealed ignited as soon as the government removed the timetable of its implementation from the Government Equalities Office website.
Having originally expressed concerned about the necessity of the Act in her former role in opposition to the former government, Theresa May displayed a complete turnaround of opinion by displaying a very clear commitment for the legislation. Speaking of her eagerness for the Acts implementation, she commented:
"By making the law easier to understand, the Equality Act will help business treat staff fairly and meet the needs of a diverse customer base. The law will be easier to understand and better able to protect people from discrimination. “
Clearly the Tory opposition to this progressive legislation was more about political strategy than genuine ideological differences. Finally some good news for practitioners, the economic climate had made them soft targets for both public and private sector cuts. Should the Coalition not given the Act its full backing the future would have been uncertain for those tasked with delivering fairness. 
The GEO have also published a guide to help businesses and originations prepare for the act.
Please click here to view this Equality Act 2010 resource


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