Chief Rabbi Speaks out against the concept of multiculturalism

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks has spoken out against the concept of multiculturalism in Britain, saying it rewarded victimhood
In an interview with the Times publicising his new book The Home We Build Together: Recreating Society, Sir Jonathan said he aspires to be "the acceptable face of fundamentalism".

The opening line of his book is "Multiculturalism has run its course" and he told the newspaper: "This book is probably politically incorrect in the highest order. And if it isn't, well at least I intended it to be."

In the book, he calls for "integration without assimilation", questioning how people of different cultures can be part of Britain without losing their identity.

He told the newspaper: "I recognise the tension you're talking about and it is a real tension. And it's the theme of the book. How do we create integration without assimilation? How can you be part of a larger entity without losing your identity? That's the very narrow bridge that this book walks across."

He argues that multiculturalism rewards victimhood, with various minorities competing to be the most wronged."We have a culture in which the quickest route to public sympathy is to be a victim. So it does pay to be a victim...and I think to be a victim is to be part of the culture that is the absolute opposite of the culture of responsibility."

Sir Jonathan likened Britain to a hotel, welcoming guests who paid their taxes and giving them some services in return, but giving no-one a sense of belonging and therefore responsibility. Instead, he says, all citizens need to make more of an effort to put down community roots.

When asked how to do this, he said: "My argument is really a kind of direction-finding exercise. We need a strong concept of the common good, a sharp distinction between state and society."

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