Channel 4 documentary reveals true state of age equality

A dispatches documentary has revealed that ageism is still rife amongst Britain’s employers. The documentary drew the distressing conclusion that older workers are more likely to lose their jobs and fail to secure re-employment. Even being over 45-years-old makes you at risk in the workplace.

The documentary looked at the impact of the mandatory retirement age introduced in 2006, how some people have been forced to quit jobs against their will. The documentary met older workers who break down into tears as they describe the damaging financial and psychological repercussions of being out of work.

Recruitment agencies have been flooded with CV’s since the unemployment figure reached 2 million. The Dispatches documentary questioned if the job market is a level playing field for older workers. A former industry insider blows the whistle on ageist practices, such as coded questions about how dynamic and energetic applicants are.

The investigation also demonstrates that prejudices associated with mental and physical capabilities of older workers are seriously misconceived. Scientific testing of mental capacities of different age groups at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge contradicts the idea that older brains cannot function as well as younger ones. Professor Lorraine Tyler explains how they adapt so well that they may even become stronger.

The Age and Employment Network and Help the Aged were amongst the organisations who helped in the making of the documentary. It was broadcast on Channel 4 television at 8.00 p.m. on Monday 9th February.

If you missed the showing, you can normally view the documentary on the archived section of the

Channel 4 Website

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