Buchan Publishing Deny Plans On Rival Diversity Institute

Publishers of Equality and Diversity PROFESSIONAL magazine Buchan Publishing Ltd have confirmed they have no plans of setting up a rival Diversity Institute.  Rumours had been rife about the alleged plans when the subscription based publication conducted a survey asking very specific questions about the concept of a national Equality & Diversity Association. This is somewhat controversial as a Diversity association has already been set up almost a year and a half ago.

Some of examples of the questions posed in the survey :
“Would the concept of an E&D national association be more attractive to you if it offered formal professional qualifications for E&D Equality professionals?”
“If an E&D association offered CPD opportunities which would you be likely to use? Please make at least three responses.” (Multiple choice answers, training courses, sharing good practise, online networking ,  Networking events, Members Journal, Annual Conference.)
About 70% of the survey is focused on the question of forming an Equality and Diversity Association, so it was surprising to learn that Buchan Publishing Ltd had no plans or thoughts around forming one. Journal Publisher Alasdair Buchan laughed the suggestions off, and abruptly, despite answering our call, suddenly had a meeting to go to. We were surprised by his response to say the least given the depth of the questions in the survey, which can be found at this link:
We asked Linda Bellos chair of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners her views on the prospect of a rival association, she responded by admitting that IEDP had some way to go, though she seemed totally unfazed by the prospect of such a challenge.


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