Bransonís Australian Airline Loses Age Discrimination Case

Virgin Blue, Richard Branson’s Australian airline, has lost a long running age discrimination case for refusing to employ eight women it said were too old to be air stewardesses

Queensland’s Supreme Court has upheld an earlier tribunal decision that the airline had discriminated against older women applicants during a recruitment drive it held in Australia back in 2001.

Six out of the eight women who brought the case were aged over 40 and none of them made it past the first round of interviews – despite the fact that they were all experienced air hostesses. What they didn’t know was that Virgin Blue’s recruitment process rejected candidates over the age of 36 – or that they had to write and perform a dance as part of the first round of interviews.

However, the Court upheld the Tribunal’s earlier ruling that the discrimination had been unintentionally committed by a young panel of assessors who were looking for ‘Virgin flair’ when evaluating the applicants.

The airline has been ordered to pay compensation to the women who brought the case.

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