Boris slammed by race equality organisation as BNP expresses its support

Boris Johnson seems to have scored an own goal in a failed attempt to champion London’s cultural diversity by getting the support of the British National Party (BNP).  The Mayor for London made the bold decision to change the key message of this years Rise festival from 'London united against racism' to just “RISE” placing more of an emphasis on cultural diversity then its historic anti racism theme.

The move was immediately endorsed by the BNP, who had also previously urged voters in the London Mayor campaign to make Boris their second preference vote. Equality campaigners feared Boris’s nomination would lead to the dismantling of the previous mayoral regimes work on diversity. The shift change on the Rise festival will surely be viewed by some as the beginning.

A spokesperson for the National Assembly Against Racism said:
''This is the 'different' kind of anti-racism Munira Mirza, Boris Johnson's advisor on culture, was talking about on the BBC — one that is welcomed by the BNP. The BNP judged accurately in giving its second preferences votes to Boris Johnson — the first time that the BNP endorsed a mainstream candidate for Mayor. They were relying on Boris Johnson to dismantle the defences against racism in London and he is doing just that. The fact that Johnson/Mirza's position is welcomed by the BNP shows the real issues involved.'

Having previously worked within the Ethnic Media and consequently the organisers of the Rise Festival  Asif Yusuf, Publisher of Diversity Link commented

“The Rise festival was an iconic stand against the ongoing ignorance of racism, its understandable why the BNP would see this change of emphasis as a victory”

A spokesman for the mayor said: “Boris has made a commitment to go ahead with the Rise festival this year but wants to emphasis its cultural and community dimensions.”


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