Angry staff sue BBC over pay inequality – heading for court

News of the planned lawsuit recently came to light as bosses from the BBC desperately tried to stop Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis from being poached by rival broadcasters.

At least ten female BBC presenters are now known to be considering legal action against the company over the gender pay gap.

Recently the BBC was forced to state openly that just one third of the 96 top earners were female. Furthermore, the top 7 were all men.

Led by Woman’s Hour host Jane Garvey, the women presenters were furious when the figures were revealed. The women have since been contacting each other in order to work out a strategy to force the BBC into closing the pay gap.

Resorting to the ‘strength in numbers’ policy, the women intend to demand equal wages with men, or they will start proceedings for a joint lawsuit against the company.

Miss Garvey made a statement to the Daily Telegraph noting that this ‘is sisterhood in full flow’. She had never been so busy with phone calls. Miss Garvey says that she has never had a single phone call from a male broadcaster to offer any support.

The count for women who have joined the rebellion stands at ten, although many others are expected to join forces in the very near future.

It is understood that Miss Maitlis is furious at finding out she is paid significantly less than her fellow Newsnight presenter Evan Davis.

Should a prospective BBC deal for Miss Maitlis fall through, Channel 4, Sky and ITV executives are lining up a potential move for her.

This eruption came as a result of Miss Maitlin not featuring on the corporation’s highest earner list. Miss Maitlin, who is a highly rated presenter, earns less than £150,000 a year, while Mr Davis earns close to £299,999 a year.

Alex Armitage, who is Miss Maitlin’s agent, said that the whole situation was ‘madness’, telling The Times that terms were still being negotiated. Miss Maitlin’s contract negotiations had been going on for some months.

Although Miss Maitlin was keen to stay at the BBC, it has been confirmed that three rival networks had made enquiries about her. Miss Maitlin is incredibly talented, as well as being a household name, and would easily slot into any organisation.

Miss Maitlin and her agent would prefer her to remain with the BBC and are doing everything they can to keep her there. While talks are protracted, they are moving in the right direction.

During an interview with ES magazine Miss Maitlin stated that the best piece of advice she had ever received had been to ask for things at work. Most women sit waiting for things to happen and do not realise that men simply ask for them.

Miss Maitlin went on to say that women never get things because they sit quietly and are well behaved. This is not the way industry works.

Despite being offered a pay rise, Miss Maitlin is furious at the whole gender pay situation. A source close to her said that the BBC had made her an offer which she had refused. Her future now hangs in the balance. She is furious that she has been lied to and for her not to be on the list is unbelievable.


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