After finding homophobic note in locker, worker from Wilko’s quits her job

After finding a homophobic note shoved into her locker Pamela Clinton quit her job at Wilko’s because she was not happy with the way her complaint was handled.

The note, which was rolled up and pushed through one of the holes on the right-hand side of the locker door, fell to the ground when the locker was opened.

Ms Clinton found the rolled-up note on September 8th and reported it to her supervisor right away. She claims that the incident was then simply ‘swept under the carpet.’

The 35-year old from Arnold, Nottinghamshire stated that she was left in tears after she read the note. ‘**** leave. No one likes you!’

After finding and reading the note Ms Clinton went to the bathroom and sat sobbing. She felt absolutely mortified and disgusted about the contents. Ms Clinton says that while she is overall a confident person, she is quite conscious about her sexuality and the fact that she is gay.

She reported the note to her supervisor who told her that she would investigate the matter. Ms Clinton was assured that there would be an in-house investigation.

The supervisor asked for a written statement, which was noted by a second supervisor. Ms Clinton explained her version of the events, described what had happened and how she felt on receiving the note.

Other colleagues were called into the manager’s office during the shift to see if anyone knew about the note and how it had been placed in the locker.

At the end of the shift Ms Clinton was told by her manager that they had no idea who had placed the note and the matter was ‘pretty much case closed.’

After being told this Ms Clinton stated that she had no option but to resign from her position. Ms Clinton also reported the incident to the police.

When asked about the event a spokesperson from Wilko stated that the company welcomed everyone at the store. They want both their staff and customers to feel comfortable being themselves, whether they are shopping or working there.

‘We think of ourselves as one family. We support strong values, one of which is respect.’

The spokesperson for Wilko went on to say that they took discrimination very seriously and were looking into situation ‘very seriously.’

Ms Clinton said that she felt compelled to resign because she was filled with anxiety. She found that she was looking at everyone else and wondering if they had sent the note. It because mentally and emotionally unhealthy for her.

Even though the incident was reported and investigated the culprit has never been found. Ms Clinton has found another job. She hopes that the management of Wilko will now deliver and enforce equality and diversity training to the staff, to educate and accept everyone who comes there.

Wilko in Arnold has some incredibly kind and honest members, said Ms Clinton. Unfortunately, this is the mindset of a narrowminded individual.

What should be remembered is that lives have been lost because it may only take one flippant comment to no longer be able to tolerate abuse any further.

A spokesperson for Wilko said that sometimes even families can ‘let each other down.’ If this happens then they really want to set things straight again. Wilko is so sorry that Ms Clinton felt she needed to resign.


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