Acas launch self help guide in response to rising equal pay claims

Acas have launched a job evaluation guide booklet to help employers avoid potential equal pay claims. The self help guide entitled Job evaluation: considerations and risks explains how a job evaluation risk analysis should be established and implemented.

Job evaluation - which determines the relative importance of a number of different jobs whilst avoiding prejudice or discrimination, can be a complex process. The guide will help managers and employee representatives decide whether introducing a job evaluation structure is feasible and appropriate.

Acas have decided to take action after seeing a 25% rise in employment claim tribunals, mainly due to equal pay claims.

Frank Blair, Director Acas Scotland, who was involved in the development of the guide, commented:

"Employers sometimes find it hard to justify their grading and pay systems. Putting in place a job evaluation scheme can remedy this and can also help prevent equality and HR related problems from arising."

The new Job Evaluation advice booklet can be downloaded in PDF format for free from the Acas website, a link to the page is below:

Job evaluation: considerations and risks.

The advisory booklet Job evaluation: considerations and risks can also be ordered from Acas Publications by calling 08702 42 90 90 the printed version costs £3.95 per copy.

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