1990 Trust concerned new Equality Duty will be weaker

David Weaver, Chair of the 1990 Trust has expressed serious concerns that the new Equality Duty set to follow the enactment of the Single Equality Bill will introduce weaker obligations for public organisations. He has warned that if the Equality Bill is passed as it stands it will represent a major regression on race legislation and will be seriously detrimental to race equality in Britain.

The Race equality duty was introduced in 2000, following recommendations from the Macpherson report within the Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000.  Subsequently this was followed by the Disability Equality Duty 2006 & the Gender Equality Duty 2007. The Single Equality Duty aims to unite duties to all recognised equality strands under one uniformed duty.
The think tank is concerned that policy proposals recently published by the Government Equalities Office weaken existing equality duties and will potentially regress further when it embraces more equality strands. They have called on the Lords to strengthen the Equality Duty when it is debated in the House of Lords this week.
Furthermore the 1990 Trust have asked the government why the Equality Duty Proposals do not take on recommendations that were made by Schneider- Ross 'Towards Racial Equality'. The research was commissioned by the Commission for Race Equality to assess the impact of the Race Equality Duty. A number of recommendations from the report that ease implementation of equality duties seem to have been ignored by the new Equality Duty Proposals.
David Weaver commented
 “Time is running out to ensure that one of the most important legislative advances, particularly in relation to race equality, is not fundamentally undermined. We ask the House of Lords to listen and use its scrutiny role to strengthen the public sector equality duties and ensure that there is no regression in relation to either the general duties or the specific duties.”
The 1990 Trust are requesting the following action from individuals and organisations:-

* Forward their response to the GEO’s specific duties consultation to info.1990trust@googlemail.com;
* Write to peers involved in the debate on the public sector equality duty; and
* Write to the GEO to raise their concerns.
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