News for Diversity and Equality Industry | page 56

Race row ignited in America by “Doll test”
Date created: 10/06/2007

When 15-year old Kiri Davis first ventured into film making, few if any, turned heads. .. read more

Appearance proven to be major factor in discrimination
Date created: 05/06/2007

Raw ambition and talent used to be the qualities that helped a person soar up the career ladder, but now it seems a quick nip/tuck could be the fastest route to the top... read more

Ruth Kelly Announces action plan to break down barriers to women achievement
Date created: 30/05/2007

A major action plan to tackle barriers to women achievement in the workplace and transform the culture in Britain from the playground to the boardroom has been launched by Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly.. read more

Date created: 20/05/2007

Stonewall has published its annual Workplace Equality Index, showcasing the UK top 100 employers for gay people... read more

British army’s Muslim 90M recruitment drive fails
Date created: 10/05/2007

The British army is facing fresh claims of a recruitment crisis after the failure of a high-profile campaign to get Muslims to join up, the Daily Telegraph reports. Only a handful of the 200,000-strong Muslim community in the British Midlands have joined the army since the first recruitment drive aimed specifically at Muslims last year... read more

Report reveals wide spread prejudice against Disabled people
Date created: 30/04/2007

The 23rd report into British Social Attitudes, published today by the National Centre for Social Research has revealed widespread prejudice against disabled people... read more

HR stumbles on equal opportunities due to “subliminal factors"
Date created: 20/04/2007

If you are female and over fifty you are more likely to miss out on training opportunities in the workplace than younger male employees because HR managers see older women as offering a poor return on investment... read more

Kay Hampton Tasked with CRE Transition
Date created: 10/04/2007

Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has recently announced the appointment of Kay Hampton as chair of the Commission for Racial Equality and the appointment of four new commissioners... read more

Norman Broadbent delivers ODA draft Equality strategy
Date created: 30/03/2007

The Olympic Delivery Authority has published its draft Equality and Diversity Strategy for consultation.The draft strategy sets out how equality and diversity principles will be incorporated into the project, including the design and delivery of the venues, infrastructure and transport associated with the construction of the Olympic Park... read more

Employers warned to ensure pay systems are transparent
Date created: 20/03/2007

An unusual equal pay case has been won by a former employee on the basis of comparison with her successor’s pay. In this Employment Tribunal case, a former accountant at manufacturing company API Group, Bridget Bodman, used her successor’s salary to bring an equal pay claim. more... read more