News for Diversity and Equality Industry | page 56

Failure to provide part time work options can be sexual discrimination
Date created: 14/07/2007

A City worker has settled out of court with her employers after they refused to let her work part-time following maternity leave... read more

Lord Ahmed calls for Debate on Niqab
Date created: 10/07/2007

In comments likely to rekindle debate on the controversial issue, Lord Nazir has expressed his views on the Niqab. Ahmed told the Yorkshire Post regional newspaper: "The veil is now a mark of separation, segregation, and defiance against mainstream British culture.".. read more

TUC call for Private sector accountably to Race Relations Act
Date created: 06/07/2007

Small and medium sized businesses employ few black and minority ethnic workers and are also failing to engage with ethnic minority customers and suppliers, new research has revealed... read more

Women Win Class-Action Status In Biggest Ever Equal Pay Suit
Date created: 02/07/2007

A federal judge in San Francisco yesterday granted class-action status to a lawsuit against Wal-Mart filed by six current and former Wal-Mart employees who accuse the retail giant of systemic sex discrimination. The lawsuit now potentially covers some 1.6 million current and former female employees, going as far back as late 1998... read more

Wimbledon announces end to gender pay gap
Date created: 30/06/2007

Officials at the Wimbledon tennis championships have announced that they will pay equal prize money to women for the first time this year... read more

Record payout for victim of Homophobic Bullying
Date created: 25/06/2007

A media sales manager who suffered homophobic bullying and discrimination has been awarded almost £120,000 compensation... read more

Summit draws Europe Diversity Elite
Date created: 20/06/2007

The results of a European Union survey on anti discrimination were officially showcased in Berlin at the first ever European Union Equality Summit... read more

Ruth Kelly announces drive for “representative democracy”
Date created: 15/06/2007

Ruth Kelly has a launched a new commission to encourage more people from a wider range of backgrounds to become Councillors. This is amid concerns that the current crop are unrepresentative of wider society.. read more

Race row ignited in America by “Doll test”
Date created: 10/06/2007

When 15-year old Kiri Davis first ventured into film making, few if any, turned heads. .. read more

Appearance proven to be major factor in discrimination
Date created: 05/06/2007

Raw ambition and talent used to be the qualities that helped a person soar up the career ladder, but now it seems a quick nip/tuck could be the fastest route to the top... read more