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Brewdog, the craft beer firm has announced that it will carry out an independent review into the workplace culture...

Date created: 21/06/2021

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After a ruling in a European Court on 3rd June Tesco shop workers in the UK can now use European law to decide equal pay issues. They can now compare themselves to other employees who work in the distribution centres...

Date created: 08/06/2021

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According to a recently released study, women in the creative sector, earn on average £10,400 less than men. Additionally, in the freelance day rates for the creative sector women earn £44 less per day than men. ..

Date created: 24/05/2021

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Slamming the Equalities watchdog for squandering public money, the Coalition government are going to strip a further 60% the Equality Human Rights Commissions funding..

Date created: 07/02/2011

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