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Further Education Colleges Under the Equality Spotlight
Date created: 11/07/2011

59% of Further Education Colleges scored less than 50% in a recent Equality analysis of their websites... read more

Rise in Age Discrimination Claims Set to Continue TAEN Warns
Date created: 01/07/2011

Reacting to the sharp rise in the number of age discrimination claims TAEN – The Age and Employment Network, warns that the figure is likely to continue rising... read more

Government Intensifies Efforts on Changing Equalities Legislation
Date created: 09/06/2011

A special Spotlight has been launched on the governments ’Red Tape Challenge’ website debating the Equality Act 2010. The move has come as a surprise to many who thought the .. read more

Government Considers Lower Discrimination Payouts
Date created: 16/05/2011

The government is considering capping awards for discrimination as part of a drive to reduce red tape. The review is part of employment regulation review .. read more

Government Considers Scrapping the Equality Act
Date created: 01/05/2011

Just before diversity practitioners thought the coalition had finished tampering with equality laws, many may be surprised to learn the government is asking whether we should scrap equality laws all together.. read more

IEDP to Challenge Government Recommendations On Equality Duties
Date created: 11/04/2011

The Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners have called a series of emergency meetings to discuss their challenge to the government’s proposed changes .. read more

One in Six UK Employees Discriminated Against
Date created: 04/04/2011

A new study from the Employers Forum on Age revealed that one in six workers feel they have been discriminated against when applying for a job .. read more

Government U-Turn on Equality Duties may reduce need for Diversity Specialists
Date created: 21/03/2011

In a surprise announcement Theresa May Minister for Equalities and Women has commissioned a policy review on the specific equality duties that were due to come into force on April 6th. .. read more

Consultation launched On Age Equality Exemptions
Date created: 07/03/2011

With new Single Equality Duties set to kick in from April 2012, the government has launched a consultation on how exemptions may apply in practise on age as a protected characteristic.. read more

97% of recruitment websites provide no Equality or Diversity information
Date created: 20/02/2011

Urgent action is needed to improve recruitment websites to make them accessible and welcoming for all users a report finds.. read more