News for Diversity and Equality Industry | page 21

NHS National lead for Equality and Diversity Steps down
Date created: 03/02/2014

Dr Paula Vasco-Knight has left her post as the National Lead for Equality and Diversity at NHS England. After discussions early .. read more

Inappropiate Holding and Manifesting Beliefs Leads to Dismissal
Date created: 14/01/2014

While organisations must by law respect the right of the individual to hold religious beliefs, there are restrictions on how these beliefs can be put into practise at work.. read more

Landmark Equality Ruling Upheld by the Court of Appeal
Date created: 02/12/2013

The Court of Appeal has upheld a decision that the refusal of a bed and breakfast owner to provide a room to a gay couple did amount to discrimination. .. read more

UKs Largest Diversity Awards to be televised
Date created: 01/11/2013

Recently the National Diversity Awards were held and they will be broadcast in early November .. read more

Organisations Failing to take Diversity Seriously
Date created: 07/10/2013

Recent diversity studies have shown a worrying trend. Organisations are failing to take diversity issues seriously, and although many have claimed to support the idea .. read more

Workers with Savings may be Forced to Pay Tribunal Fees
Date created: 16/09/2013

The TUC has expressed outrage at new proposals which will force workers who have more than 3000 in savings to pay the full costs of their own employment tribunals.. read more

Civil Service Ethnic Minority Recruitment Statistics Disappointing
Date created: 08/22/2013

Looking at the figures from last year indicates that more than 750 black students applied for places, but only 6 were actually taken on.. read more

Fawcett Society Accuse Government of Sabotaging Equality Duty
Date created: 17/07/2013

The Fawcett Society have this week accused the coalition government of reversing and dismantling some key measures that were designed to protect both women and minority groups.. read more

CEDAW Report Suggests Equality Gains for Women Have Been Curbed by Coalition Cuts
Date created: 20/05/2013

A recent report suggests that coalition government cuts in the past five years have disproportionately affected women so much that they are in danger of actually undoing some of the progress .. read more

Campaigners Rally for Critical Vote on General Equality Duty
Date created: 15/04/2013

Campaigners are urging the public to help stop the government from repealing Section 3 of the Equality Act, 2006 using campaigns on twitter and encouraging them to write to their MP. This hard-won equality law is due to be abolished on Tuesday 16 April .. read more