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Dear Sir/Madam


I am an experienced senior policy and management professional with significant demonstrable national, international exposure straddling the Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors looking for New Opportunities.

Key Competencies include multicultural experience in equality, diversity & inclusion matters, strategic planning, corporate governance, human resources management, organisational and policy development, campaigning, multiple project management, business planning, change management, quality assurance management, external liaison and partnership development. Furthermore, I have vast treasure of experience in Human Rights Advocacy and Campaigning, including Climate Change Awareness.

I am a proven executive senior manager with gravitas, a track record of expert managerial competencies and skills including inspirational business leadership, human resource, financial and change management, strategic planning, due diligence, policy making and influence, business sustainability options and wide international exposure that encapsulate corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and innovative diversity models to improve business viability. Please find attached my CV which highlights relevant skills, experience, aptitudes and expertise set for your advertised career progression opportunity.

I have extensive experience in working with groups which operate in competitive markets with a degree of complexity in value chains, and impact channels and met the key challenges for the CEO and other executive senior roles by ensuring that the businesses are run effectively, the multiple income stream revenue growth line achieved, diversity and corporate social responsibility are enhanced and the overall profitability continually improved. I also maintained close relationships with external bodies and suppliers through effective strategic partnerships.

Well educated, value-added management practitioner and with a broad portfolio of business skills, I have a keen eye for the efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, enterprise and business development aspects, highly organised and determined. Strategically and financially astute, I have “cut my teeth” in organisational development, research and policy, staff support combined with strong performance management and corporate governance.

A charismatic but pragmatic leader, I am supportive but challenging with the capacity for both the strategic vision and the operational detail; someone who is prepared to create performance enhancing change in the interests of continuous improvement, business viability enhancement and sustainability.

I have competing a transferable skills set which can be deployed to any sector that may require it, even beyond my immediate interests.

Above all I relish the opportunity to be tackling the challenges that the role carries with the object of achieving the desired impact, facilitating real value within context of set targets, corporate vision, mission and values.

Yours sincerely

K. Adomdza

Career Specialism: Diversity

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Looking for work in: London, South East

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