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I am Aishwin Sahni a South Asian and Trans national feminist looking for full time opportunities in the realm of International Development focusing on women and children survivors of violence, I am looking to connect with organizations and charities focusing on the same.

I have recently completed my second masters in Gender Violence and Conflict from University of Sussex, United Kingdom in September 2020. Prior to this I have a masters in Women's Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India and a bachelors in Psychology, Sociology and English from Christ University, India.

My work bears testimony to my passion for working for the welfare, wellbeing and empowerment of people in our society. I want to help them voice out their opinions, perspectives and grievances in life and feel well represented in all walks of the society.

Career Specialism: Diversity

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Looking For: Full Time

Looking for work in: England, Reading, London, Greater London, Southampton

Where are you located?: Jaipur India