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As a sociologist by training and a humanitarian professional by experience, I completed my undergraduate studies in Koc University, where I double majored in Sociology and International Relations and graduated as top of both classes. I completed my graduate studies in University of Cambridge, and focused my studies on the legal and social protection and sustainability of religious minorities.

With the desire to be closer to the field, I moved to Turkey after graduation, as Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world. I started as an intern with United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) for Refugees and climbed my way up, assuming positions with various units. My longest role was with the Cash-Based Interventions (CBI) Unit, where I worked with a small team of experts in reaching more than 77,000 refugees annually. Assuming monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, liaison and reporting roles, I also initiated an in-house training system and developed the training module for CBI Unit, with which I trained some 100 UNHCR staff throughout my last year. Being on the field and side by side with refugees, in camps and at urban settings, I observed the importance and effects of policy making firsthand. For increasing the impact of UNHCR Turkey's policy making and advocacy, I moved to Reporting Unit as an associate and produced qualitative and quantitate reports, policy papers, human stories and analyses.

Throughout my career, I conducted and led numerous training sessions, public and private panels, inter-agency meetings and workshops. I am a self-starter, with strong interpersonal skills and international work experience. I travelled to more than 10 provinces of Turkey as UNHCR staff, and met with refugees and asylum-seekers of various backgrounds in individual and group settings. Being a member of a small team, I coordinated liaisons among and with UN partners in different projects and contexts. Currently, I am interested in a career, where I can share my skills and desire to work in an international context, with an institution that is aiming to create and influence change.

Career Specialism: Diversity

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