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I am a young black woman, recognised for having a deep appreciation of individuality, intersectionality and lived experience. Also, a recognised Senior Regional Funding Officer at The National Lottery Community Fund who respectfully challenges and supports various internal and external efforts made to advance D&I as a funder, employer and catalyst.

My experience has encouraged and empowered me to leave my comfort zone whilst confidently sharing personal experiences alongside empowering and amplifying the voice of others. The National ambition to become more inclusive not only strongly aligns with my passion but also with my core values. I feel it is the right and ethical thing to do, not just for people and stakeholders but in general for organisations as it increases profit and business efficiency.

Currently, I am a valued England directorate representative of a fund-wide Diversity and Inclusion Project Team, from its inception. I am proud to possess experience of meaningfully contributing to the delivery of the current D&I plans and playing a integral role in advancing a broader culture change.

I've supported the wider ambition of advancing Equalities from 2014 to date; prior to the D&I Project team, I was a committed member of a Corporate Equalities Group, which helped to coordinate and successfully deliver on a range of key deliverables that made the Fund an even greater place to work.

Additionally, I underwent a competitive process to gain a place on the Catalyst Programme delivered by Bath Consultancy and the Business School of Henley where I worked with several members of ELT across the Fund for ten months to explore the topic of Equalities.

I am proficient in analysing large amounts of qualitative and quantitative data to create a narrative and drive results for change.

I am highly self-aware and proactively seek opportunities to personally develop both internally and externally. I am committed to my own and wider teams’ professional development, often using this wider knowledge to improve and develop services.

I've successfully completed a CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management through attending evening college and I am currently completing a CMI Level 6 Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management through distance learning. This is where I've developed a good understanding of employment law and developments in relevant employment legislation.

Career Specialism: Diversity

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Looking For: Full Time

Looking for work in: West Midlands

Where are you located?: Birmingham, UK