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I offer the right employer experience of HR, undertaking skills assessment; recruitment, development and other roles which entailed team and project management; working with children/young people and adults with a wide variety of disability; and an MA (completed 2018), for which the dissertation was focused on understanding inclusion along with Level 7 CIPD. I have experience of working across business lines and at all levels of an organisation. Additionally I have worked in a wide spectrum of industries and business types, including: family run private enterprise, privately owned manufacturer, government owned business, charities and schools/colleges. I fit in and contribute quickly wherever I work. I am always keen to draw on my previous experience and learning, wherever it came from as it often provides a different perspective and can lead to better quality solutions to challenges.

What I want to achieve is a role that brings together my various experiences and leads to further development in the Equlity, Diversity and Inclusion arena. I am based in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area.

Career Specialism: Diversity

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Looking For: Full Time

Looking for work in: Derby, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire

Where are you located?: Alfreton