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My unique experience and background distinguishes me from other candidates for a role in diversity and inclusion. I have excellent intuition and an innate ability to understand social dynamics. I have a deep love for culture and diversity which has fuelled my career choices allowing me to travel the world and, subsequently, make it possible for me to be an effective counsellor to people from differing backgrounds. I am a prime candidate to understand and analyse employee satisfaction on the job and conduct effective welcome and exit interviews in order to create action plans for higher retention and better recruitment due to my background in therapy and counselling.
I am experienced at working with employees at all levels of the organisation and I have conducted workshops for increasing cohesivity, team-building and conflict resolution at a company-wide level as well as worked as a recruitment consultant for multiple organisations. Through all this I have built, from the ground up, my own private practice as a Mental Health Professional with international repute and success (my website: www.binabakshi.com and testimonial page/google reviews can be found online and are linked in my resume).

Career Specialism: Diversity

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Looking For: Full Time

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