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Welfare & Safer Detention, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Manager

Cardiff, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, Permanent

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Delivering the exceptional, every day
Our purpose: our expertise, care, technology and insight create amazing work environments, helping our customers be exceptional every day.
Our promise to our people: a place to work where you can thrive and be your best every day.
Our promise to our customers: a trusted partner creating exceptional environments for your customers and people, adding value every day.
Our culture - our core values and how we behave:

o We are one Mitie: we work as one to deliver a seamless, unrivalled service. We are all in it together, if we can help a customer or colleague in any way, we will. We are one Mitie.
o We are built on integrity and trust: integrity and trust are at the heart of all we do. We are the face of company. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We are proud to work for Mitie.
o We go the extra mile: whether it's keeping things running smoothly in a safe environment, looking for new ways to do things better or fixing problems, going the extra mile for our colleagues and customers and keeping our promises is in our DNA.
o Our diversity makes us stronger: we are very proud of our rich and diverse culture and backgrounds. Our diversity creates ideas and insights. Everyone at Mitie has a voice and is treated as an equal.
o Our customers' business, is our business: we are a partner, trusted for our expertise and for putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Job Description

Job objectives and responsibilities
· To manage Welfare Services within the Centre ensuring compliance with contractual, Company and Home Office standards
· Support, motivate and monitor staff to ensure an effective welfare service is delivered across the Centre

Main duties
1. Manage, monitor and oversee the Welfare and Safer Detention team, ensuring the service provided to residents is appropriate, supportive and in line with Home Office and Company expectations at all times.
2. Manage the welfare team to ensure that residents are supported and helped to prepare for their removal from the UK.
3. Provide key information to residents in order to facilitate appropriate access to legal services.
4. Promote the Company policies in relation to Diversity and Inclusion: both with staff, and promoting an appreciation of the cultural, linguistic, religious and diverse backgrounds of the residents, identifying how this impacts on the facilities, services and information we provide, delivering recommendations and solutions
5. Promote and disseminate the benefits of voluntary returns schemes offered by the Home Office so that residents are fully informed.
6. Assist residents who are released by signposting them to services and organisations which may be able to offer them support and assistance with any aspect of resettlement into the community.
7. Liaise with internal departments and external agencies to ensure residents have access to comprehensive information relevant to their immigration casework, domestic and personal needs
8. Offer residents support and guidance to ease their experience of being in detention
9. Coach and support staff development to maximise staff performance, motivation and contribution.
10. Organise and manage the provision of timely accurate data for management recording and decision making.
11. Manage resources effectively and efficiently to ensure quality of service and best value for money: continuously seeking opportunities for improvement
12. Undertake other managerial duties as required to ensure the smooth and effective running of the Centre.

Person Specification
· Previous relevant experience in a custodial environment is required for this role
· Managerial experience of leading a team of at least 5-15 staff
· Basic-Intermediate IT Skills: e.g. Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook + some experience of updating central data systems

· Level 3 Accreditation or Qualification, or above: e.g. A level, Advanced Apprenticeship, AS Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma, Level 3 Awards, Certificates or Diplomas. Level 3 NVQ.

Relevant Care & Custody Competencies for this role:
Resident Care and Management
· Creates and encourages a climate which is resident focussed
· Regularly gives feedback to staff on resident feedback/information
· Models the company's commitment to resident care and management
· Monitors and evaluates resident care and management service delivery
· Interacts with residents easily, quickly building rapport but maintaining professional distance
· Is impartial, fair, assertive, consistent and confident with residents
· Treats residents with respect as individuals and encourages residents to do the same to others

Delivering Excellence
· Develops a climate that values quality/ excellence
· Champions and models Care and Custody's commitment to Excellence
· Establishes and maintains standards
· Encourages a climate which looks to develop new or different ideas and approaches
· Builds effective communication within a group or team
· Shapes communication to suit the audience/individual
· Presents ideas/information clearly, interestingly and enthusiastically
· Sensitive in communication, taking account of the possible thoughts, feelings and concerns of others

Safety, Dignity & Diversity
· Creates a culture which recognises and respects individuals human rights
· Creates a culture which values diversity
· Creates a culture which is committed to health & safety
· Evaluates and monitors the delivery of services to prevent discrimination and maintain safety

Planning & Organising
· Links own plans to long-term business strategy
· Establishes clear plans to achieve long-term goals
· Prepares contingency plans for situations that may occur
· Develops options and identifies risks
· Distributes and publicises plans
· Delegates tasks, whilst supporting and monitoring progress, to ensure plan is achieved
· Establishes and monitors key performance indicators to measure progress against plan
Decision Making
· Interprets and evaluates information critically and objectively
Recognises assumptions
· Can see all sides of an argument
· Identifies key issues and effective courses of action
· Relates different pieces of information and recognises trends
· Thinks through consequences of different courses of action
· Considers risks

Change Orientation/Flexibility
· Promotes a culture and creates a climate where change and innovation is understood, encouraged and embraced
· Identifies and champions organisational change and development
· Role models a positive approach to change and innovation
· Gets commitment for change from others
· Identifies and articulates when and where change is necessary and beneficial
· Develops an effective action plan to introduce and implement change
· Recognises discomfort that change can bring and provides support

Leading, Valuing & Developing People
· Creates a culture that values people and recognises their contribution
· Inspires and harnesses commitment, enthusiasm and determination in others to achieve
· Defines clear accountabilities
· Delegates effectively, appropriately and fairly
· Promotes opportunities for development
· Seeks staff views
· Sets clear, challenging and realistic objectives with realistic timeframes and deadlines
· Regularly evaluates staff effectiveness
· Gives constructive feedback on performance
Health and Safety responsibilities
· Follow Group and company policies and procedures at all times
· Adhere to agreed outreach methods and risk assessment to ensure own personal safety dealing with service users
· Report any apparent deficiencies in systems of work or equipment provided that may result in failure of service delivery or risk to health and safety or the environment
· Use all work equipment and personal PPE properly and in accordance with training received.

Information Security
· Ensure compliance with Mitie's information security procedures in all activities
· Proactively identify and report security risks to your manager
· Report actual and suspected security incidents.

Additional Information

This job description Is intended to give the post holder an appreciation of the role envisaged for this position and the range of duties undertaken. Specific tasks and objectives will be agreed with the post holder throughout the period of employment. The job description may be varied from time to time by the Company to reflect changes in the post holder's role and/or the needs of the business.
At Mitie we know that 'our diversity makes us stronger'. We're committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where our people can thrive and be their best every day. We are very proud of our rich and diverse culture and backgrounds. Our diversity creates ideas and insights. Everyone at Mitie has a voice and is treated as an equal. We recognise the unique contributions that you can bring and our people and customers thrive when we get this right.

Job Details

Full Time
Cardiff, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom