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Rumours are rife Coalition may repeal Equality Act
Date created: 0-/20/6-20

A frenzy of rumours was sparked late last week following the removal of the Equality Acts implementation date from the Government Equalities Office (GEO) website. Journalists could not commit a GEO spokesperson on a definitive implementation date sparking fears the Act could be repealed... read more

Equality Managers predicted to feel full impact of austerity measures
Date created: 0-/20/6-13

Planned cuts are now a clear indicator equalities will be offered no favourable treatment, and if an article published in the Mail on Sunday is anything to go by equality is the very area where the axe is likely to fall... read more

Diversity and Equality Experts could be looking at a challenging six months ahead
Date created: 0-/20/7-06

Government measures to tackle the deficit look like they will have a direct impact on the work of equality and diversity experts in the immediate future.. read more

UK Corporate Governance Code to encourage greater diversity
Date created: 0-/20/6-01

The coalition government has welcomed new measures to encourage accountability, diversity and improved performance in Britain’s boardrooms,as the Financial Reporting Council launched a revised Corporate Governance Code. .. read more

Coalition equality pledges published
Date created: 0-/20/5-23

Unveiling their much anticipated 35 page policy document the new Coalition Government has outlined their policies on Equality. Of significant note they have pledged to extend the right to request flexible working .. read more

Coalition Government equality appointments decided
Date created: 0-/20/5-16

When pretty much every Diversity practitioner you ask is not keen to see a Conservative government in power, it may be fair to assume that such a shift in power may not be good for equality. Well it’s time to stop pinching yourselves this nightmare is real.. read more

Diversity and Equality experts prefer Hung Parliament than see Conservative Government
Date created: 0-/20/4-30

Asked which political outcome would favour the Equality and Diversity Agenda, a Conservative government is the outcome most Equality Diversity Practitioners do not wish to see.. read more

First national survey on Diversity Practitioners set to provide unique insight
Date created: 0-/20/4-24

DiversityLink the UK’s leading independent sector news portal for Equality and Diversity Practitioners has decided to “put the cat amongst the pigeons” by rolling out its first survey of practitioners.. read more

REC says diversity decisions made at the top need to filter down to recruiters
Date created: 0-/20/4-19

Speaking at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Diversity and Inclusion Forum, Chair Sarah Gordan has called for more organisations to ensure that decisions made at the top on diversity are filtering through.. read more

Equality Bill set to become Equality Act
Date created: 0-/20/4-11

In a week which climaxed with the Grand National the much anticipated Equality Bill has made it over the finish line before the dissolution of Parliament making equality law history... read more