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Equality Commission’s Future Under Review Leaked Memo Reveals
Date created: 0-/20/0-27

According to a leaked document seen by the Daily Telegraph, 177 government Quangos are to be abolished. An additional 94 tax funded bodies including the Equality and Human Commission Rights are being considered for the scrap.. read more

Diversity Practitioners Bearing Brunt of Cuts Diversity Institute Claims
Date created: 0-/20/9-20

It appears things are pretty tough out there for Diversity Practitioners, so much so that the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners have questioned whether there will be any paid work when the Equality Act comes into force... read more

Rise of Equal Pay Claim Firms Set to Rock Private Sector
Date created: 0-/20/9-06

Law Firm Pannone LLP has sent a chilling warning to the Private sector to brace itself for the Equality Act which comes into force in October. The firm claims a wave of discrimination claims are likely to arise with the abolition of pay secrecy clauses... read more

New Equality Duty May Require Publishing of Equality Data
Date created: 0-/20/8-31

A new government consultation on the General Equality Duty is asking whether publishing equality performance data will increase accountability to the public. Under the plans public bodies that are expected to deliver the new .. read more

Buchan Publishing Deny Plans On Rival Diversity Institute
Date created: 0-/20/8-23

Publishers of Equality and Diversity PROFESSIONAL magazine Buchan Publishing Ltd have confirmed they have no plans of setting up a rival Diversity Institute. Rumours had been rife about the alleged plans when the subscription based publication conducted a survey.. read more

Fawcett Society Seek Judicial Review of Austerity Measures
Date created: 0-/20/8-09

The Government’s emergency budget could be unlawful according to leading women’s rights campaigners the Fawcett Society. They are requesting a judicial review, accusing the government of not taking into account how budget cuts would increase inequality between men and women.. read more

Default Retirement Age To Be Scrapped By 2011
Date created: 0-/20/7-30

Proposals have been unveiled by the Coalition Government to scrap mandatory retirement by October 2011. From April 2011 employers will not be allowed to invoke default retirement to staff aged 65 or over.. read more

National Audit Office Reject Equality And Human Rights Commission Accounts For The Second Year Running
Date created: 0-/20/7-19

The National Audit Office (NAO) has refused to sign off the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) annual accounts for the second year in a row. Quoting serious failings in the organisations.. read more

Coalition Commit To Equality Act Timetable
Date created: 0-/20/7-05

Equalities Minister Theresa May has finally confirmed in a government issued press release that the Equality Act will become law in October as originally scheduled. .. read more

EHRC Hit With £200,000 Penalty For Week’s Delay
Date created: 0-/20/6-27

The Government Equalities office has deducted £200,000 from the Equality Human Rights Commission’s budget.. read more