A web portal for Equality & Diversity Managers

A web portal for Equality & Diversity Managers

Welcome to the biggest niche specialist website for Diversity and Equality Jobs in the United Kingdom. You can apply for the best Diversity and Equality job openings or find a Diversity and Equality specialised support worker by listing your role here.

Latest Diversity and Equality News

Police officers sacked after racist and sexist language

Date created: 15/01/2021

Hampshire Constabulary has fired three officers from the serious organised crime unit (SOCU) because of gross misconduct. Concerns raised by a whistle-blower came about after their ‘lads’ pad’ was secretly bugged.

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Bullying complaints not addressed by Royal Mail - manager awarded £230K

Date created: 11/01/2021

After his complaints about discrimination and bullying at Royal Mail were not addressed, a manager was awarded a £230K payment. Both discrimination and bullying contributed to a decline in the claimant’s mental health and subsequent dismissal.

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After raising concern over driver safety time, researcher is unfairly dismissed

Date created: 21/12/2020

A Christian Charity dismissed a senior employee after he raised health and safety concerns about drive times on work trips. An employment tribunal found him to have been unfairly dismissed.

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