A web portal for Equality & Diversity Managers

A web portal for Equality & Diversity Managers

Welcome to the biggest niche specialist website for Diversity and Equality Jobs in the United Kingdom. You can apply for the best Diversity and Equality job openings or find a Diversity and Equality specialised support worker by listing your role here.

Latest Diversity and Equality News

Lack of diversity – John Lewis criticised over top ranks

Date created: 26/06/2020

In a recently released report the retailer John Lewis confirmed that only six of their UK-based managers are people of colour.

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Black trainee vicar told he ‘may feel uncomfortable’ in a mostly white parish

Date created: 25/06/2020

A black trainee vicar was rejected after he applied for the role of curate in a church in the South of England.

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Ministers’ failure to help workers – Uber drivers in court

Date created: 15/06/2020

The High Court has recently heard a case bought by two Uber drivers and the IWGB (Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain) over the failure during the coronavirus to protect low paid gig workers.

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